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The global pandemic is hitting year 2020 hard. Most workplaces had to either transition to a telework and virtual meetings set up or some had no alternative but to completely shut operations. It is unfortunate that the pandemic had displaced a lot of workers who were either laid off or had to choose to leave to prioritize their own wellbeing. Those who remain exerts
extraordinary effort to keep calmly working whilst ensuring their own safety.
Unfortunately, not all business establishment were prepared for such a crisis as Covid-19 pandemic despite having a lengthy business continuity plan, mostly done in anticipation of the “big one”, typhoon or flood. Whether able or unable, not all companies responded to the crisis with empathy and kindness. Others were creative in reshaping the workplace for recovery and continuity. Some organizations offer clear, concise, and continuous communication that supports employees to feel more secured than panicked.
While some workers are keeping their heads up during these difficult times, now more than ever a lot are actively looking for employment. The good news is that there are vacancies in
various institutions nationwide. And the best part is, these vacancies are easily accessible online.
Despite the gazillion job openings posted online, I get queries of whether these are legit. Somehow, online job ads are adding to the uncertainties of jobseekers. One jobseeker says to
me, “there are several ads posted online but after I submit my personal information, I don’t receive updates of the application process. I sometimes think these are illegitimate ads.” To think that online recruiting scams may have emerged to prey on jobseekers during the peak of the pandemic is absurd. Should this be the case now, how can one navigate the job market to avoid fake job openings? Be on the lookout for red flags that confirms a job ad is a scam.
Scammers are smart enough to design their offers to look genuine. If a job platform is asking for any kind of payment, it might be a scam. Legitimate online job sites will not ask for money
from jobseekers. They get paid by the employers whose job openings are posted. With a little bit of research, you will quickly educate yourself about the company offering you a job. A simple Google search will provide you the physical address, webpage, email addresses, telephone number, and even testimonies from former or current employees. No webpage, no company logo, no online trail, and no professional email may be signs that a job ad is fake and you know it’s best to stay away from it. The old adage: “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably it is” still holds true! If a job ad is accompanied by an image of a check with over a hundred thousand pesos supposedly earned
on a weekly basis by the payee, wouldn’t you be interested? Wouldn’t everyone else? Do not be fooled by attractive offers of huge income. It does not hurt to be more cautious. Never ever respond and provide any personal information/documents unless you have verified the contact person and the company, he/she represents. Some online scams are phishing to get your information and use them for illegal activities.
Take your time before clicking or signing up for anything. There are a lot of legitimate opportunities posted online. Once you’ve done your homework, you will finally discover which
are scams and which are legitimate ones.
Do not be discouraged. It takes time to find a job that fits your skill sets and a great place to work. Search for job ads using legitimate pages such as Platforms like this are well-established and authorized job pages.
Finally, unlike typhoon and flood, the virus is lingering and adapting to the new normal is preserving the workplace. Find companies that are ushering their workforce into improved ways forward – provision of remote work, health benefits, disaster preparedness plans and keeping employee morale. They do exist.

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