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USAID Project Management Specialist (Education), FSN-10

Job Description

                                                                                                                            SOLICITATION NO. : USAID-2019-08

                                                                                                                             PIID# 72049219R10008

                                                                                                                              ISSUANCE DATE : 10 February 2019

                                                                                                                              CLOSING DATE / TIME : 22 February 2019 / 11:59PM


SUBJECT: Solicitation for a Cooperating Country National Personal Service Contractor (CCN PSC) under Local Compensation Plan


  2. ISSUANCE DATE : 10 February 2019
  3. CLOSING DATE/TIME FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS : 22 February 2019 / 11:59PM (Manila Time)
  4. POSITION TITLE : USAID Project Management Specialist (Education), FSN-10
  5. MARKET VALUE : Php 1,283,102.00 – Php 1,978,830.00 gross p.a. equivalent to FSN-11

in accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan (LCP) of the U.S. Embassy Manila. The salary offer will be based on a combination of the candidate's salary history and of the U.S. Embassy Manila's LCP, and will be within the annual range listed above.

6. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE : The position is based in Manila, Philippines.

7. STATEMENT OF DUTIES : The Financial Analyst (USAID FA) serves in the Financial Management Services Division (FMSD), Regional Financial Services Center/Manila (RFSC) and reports to the Supervisory Financial Analyst, with the responsibility of: (a) providing financial management services to USAID Missions in the Philippines, Mongolia, Pacific Islands (Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, Tuvalu, Federated States of Micronesia, Republic of Marshall Islands, Samoa, Palau), the Office of the Regional Inspector General in Manila, and the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance in Manila; (b) promoting sound financial management practices and providing the necessary assistance to the USAID Missions and Offices, their contractors/recipients, and to the host country government, so that there exists an adequate level of accountability and control, in accordance with generally accepted standards and internal policies of those organizations; (c) performing tasks necessary to achieve the desired goals and objectives of Local Solutions, ensuring that the USAID Mission resources are safeguarded from possible fraud, waste, misuse, and abuse; (d) actively participating and proactively getting involved in all stages of a Development Objective activity cycle-from design, to implementation, to audit and closeout—using both technical and interpersonal skills. Serves as the principal advisor to the Regional Controller, Deputy Controller, and USAID Mission Management. Provides financial management technical support/assistance to contractors/recipients and host country government. Coordinates the Annual Federal Managers’ Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) Reviews and semi-annual Management Council on Risk & Internal Control (MCRIC) meetings; facilitates the financial audit/review planning and implementation process, audit management, resolution and closure program; and participates in Financial Management (FM) Training.

The Financial Analyst is expected to fulfill the following major duties and responsibilities, as elaborated below:

Financial Reviews (30%) – As appropriate or required, conducts comprehensive financial reviews in the form of control environment and risk assessments, cost effectiveness assessments, disbursement reviews, indirect cost rate reviews, pre-award survey, pre-closeout and closeout reviews on USAID-funded organizations to determine the levels of accountability and adequacy of control environments within those. Identifies and coordinates the capacity building needs endorsed and/or determined from pre-award assessments, develops an action plan or a Scope of Work (SOW) to address those, and oversees implementation. In conjunction with assessments conducted, participates in the conduct of relevant FM training and technical assistance to the USAID Missions and Offices, contractors/recipients, and to the host country government--aimed at strengthening internal controls and management systems; and at building the capacity of local Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) and of host country government implementing agencies.

Portfolio Financial Management and Monitoring (30%) – Performs or participates in a variety of related duties such as the following: (a) pipeline analysis, Sec. 1311 and accrual reviews, validation of counterpart/cost sharing contributions; forward funding analysis; (b) provides assistance or advice on the annual inventory of USAID Missions’ and Offices’ non-expendable property; (c) conducts payment verification of invoices to determine allowability of costs being claimed in accordance with relevant award terms and provisions and with applicable USAID costs principles and other regulations; (d) advises and assists host government officials, contractors/recipients, and others, concerning activity/program financial matters dealing with budgeting, cash flow projections, financial management, accounting, and internal controls; audit requirements and procedures; and activity/program implementation; (e) conducts end-use checks in coordination with the Contract/ Agreement Officers Representative (C/AOR), activity/program managers and the Regional Office of Acquisition and Assistance; and (f) prepares letters, USAID Mission Orders, Administrative Notices, special reports, and other correspondences concerned with Program and Operating Expense (OE) financial matters that may be required.

Audit Management (20%) - In line with the Agency’s Audit Management and Resolution Program and accountability requirements, the incumbent acts as the Audit Management Officer’s designee for the assigned portfolios and assists technical offices in meeting their audit management responsibilities. Assists in the interpretation of audit findings and recommendations, gathering of data, drafting of replies, and implementation of corrective actions geared towards timely resolution and closure of audit recommendations. Coordinates with host country supreme audit institutions, USAID Office of the Regional Inspector General in Manila, and other Financial Analysts on outstanding audit resolution and capacity building implementation. Analyzes, initiates, and takes follow-up actions on outstanding cash advances and receivables and on audit recommendations by issuing demand and collection letters and memoranda of corrective actions to ensure effective utilization of USAID Mission-provided resources in compliance with applicable procedures and regulations.

Project Design Assistance (15%) - As a member of the Development Objective Team (DO) advises USAID Mission Management and CORs/AORs/activity managers on the financial feasibility of complex technical activities; adequacy and reasonableness of activity/program dollar and local currency budgets and total costs; alternative sources and appropriate methods of financing; activity/program financial reporting, and audit requirements. As appropriate, analyzes revenues to be generated and establishes financial rates of return or other types of financial ratios. Drafts or coordinates the drafting of the financial and related aspects of the activity/program documentation such as the activity approval documents, implementation letters, Development Objective agreements, contracts, grants, cooperative agreements, and other funding documents. Formulates activity/program dollar and local currency budgets or financial plans.

FMFIA Review (5%) - Coordinates the conduct of the annual Federal Manager’s Financial Integrity Act (FMFIA) Review of management controls for the USAID Mission and works closely with the cognizant support and technical offices, to address required corrective actions in order to obtain full resolution and closure of any identified FMFIA deficiencies, weaknesses and findings.

SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIP: Under the supervision of the Supervisory Financial Analyst, the incumbent performs assignments independently, referring difficult questions to the supervisor or, in the case of technical questions, to the Activity Manager, Cognizant Technical Officer, of the AO Team Leader. Advice and recommendations are reviewed but rarely challenged or changed on technical grounds. Completed work is reviewed for soundness, completeness, and conformity with policies and USAID procedures. Supervision of other staff is not contemplated.

8. AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Open to all interested individuals who are Filipino citizens or non-Filipino citizens lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the Philippines, and who also have the required work permits. USAID/Philippines does not sponsor work permits.

         9. POINT OF CONTACT: Human Resources Division via aidmnlhr@usaid.gov



a. Education – A university degree in Accounting, Finance, or Business Administration is required. Note: Additional education may NOT be substituted for Experience

b. Prior Work Experience – A minimum of five years of progressively responsible, professional-level experience in professional accounting, financial analysis, auditing or business management consulting. Note: Additional experience may NOT be substituted for Education.

c. Language Proficiency / Communication Skills – Must have excellent communication skills in English and Tagalog, both in oral and written forms. S/He must be able to express her/himself with tact and persuasion when required, as in presenting recommendations to a broad audience; writing skills are necessary in preparing professional quality regular or ad hoc reports and presentations.

d. Job Knowledge – A thorough knowledge and understanding of pertinent host country laws, regulations, and procedures relating to budgeting, auditing, accounting, and financial management. The Financial Analyst must have a very good knowledge, or the potential to acquire such knowledge of U.S. Government laws, regulations, and procedures relating to budgeting, auditing, accounting, and financial management, of USAID activity design, development, implementation, revaluation, and closeout processes.

e. Skills and Abilities – Ability to evaluate financial aspects of activities and programs, institutional capacities and capabilities, and adequacy of accounting, financial management and internal controls. Ability to use various computer software (e.g. Excel, PowerPoint, Word) when preparing reports. Ability to work with the officials and staff of the host country, contractors, grantees, who may be unfamiliar with USAID’s programming and budgeting process. Ability to work well in teams.


  1. Education (10%)                                                                Additional Notes:
  2. Prior Work Experience (10%)                                                  - USAID reserves the right to reject any and all applicants;
  3. Language Proficiency / Communication Skills (20%)         - Only short-listed applicants will be notified.
  4. Job Knowledge (30%) 5. Skills and Abilities (30%)                - To be a competitive candidate, the applicant must meet the minimum requirement

                                                                                                                                                    of each of the Evaluation and Selection Factors, as specified.


  1. Interested applicants are required to submit an application letter and a comprehensive resume.
  2. Applications must be received by 22 February 2019 / 11:59PM, and submitted via email to aidmnlhr@usaid.gov
  3. All applicants are requested to prominently indicate the following:

a. solicitation number (Solicitation No.: USAID-2019-08) in the subject line of their email submission;

b. source of the vacancy announcement (e.g. name of newspaper, website, social media)


The compensation package includes mid-year and year-end bonuses, health and life insurance, and a supplementary retirement plan.