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USAID Project Management Specialist (Democracy and Governance), FSN-11

SUBJECT: Solicitation for a Cooperating Country National Personal Service Contractor (CCN PSC) under Local Compensation Plan
2. ISSUANCE DATE : 17 March 2019
4. POSITION TITLE : USAID Project Management Specialist (Democracy and Governance), FSN-11
5. MARKET VALUE : Php 1,283,102.00 – Php 1,978,830.00 gross p.a. equivalent to FSN-11
in accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan (LCP) of the U.S. Embassy Manila. The salary offer will be based on a combination of the candidate's salary history and of the U.S. Embassy Manila's LCP, and will be within the annual range listed above.
6. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE : The position is based in Manila, Philippines.
The USAID Project Management Specialist (Democracy and Governance) is located in the Office of Economic Development and Governance (OEDG), USAID/Philippines. The Specialist reports to the OEDG Director or his/her designee. The Specialist is a member of USAID/Philippines’ Democracy and Governance (DG) core team. USAID OEDG activities will assist the Philippines to strengthen its journey to self-reliance, improve democratic practices, mitigate conflict and reduce the allure of violent extremism (VE), and advance its aim of becoming a prosperous, predominantly middle-class country by 2040. This portfolio builds on the accomplishments of the Philippines-U.S. Partnership for Growth with Equity that helped the Philippines to reach a sustained and more inclusive growth trajectory on par with other high performing emerging economies. This portfolio also supports the Philippine government priorities outlined in the 2017-2022 Philippine Development Plan and Ambisyon Natin 2040, the Philippines’ long term development vision.
The Specialist is responsible for performing a range of development assistance functions in the design, development, management and monitoring and evaluation of the OEDG’s democracy- and governance- related activities. DG activities are currently implemented through cooperative agreements, contracts, or grants. The current DG technical assistance areas are rule of law, anticorruption, fiscal transparency and accountability, human rights, human trafficking, local governance, electoral reform, conflict mitigation and civil society development.
The Specialist serves as the Agreement Officer’s Representative (AOR) for new designs that will include the following project areas:
1) Elections and Political Process Support;
2) Civil Society, Media Strengthening and Human Rights;
3) Local Government Strengtheningand Decentralization; and 
4) Conflict Mitigation and Countering Violent Extremism. Upon completion of the procurement scheduled for fiscal year (FY) 2019, the Specialist will be AOR for the new activity/activities that will work across these areas, with a total estimated cost of approximately $10-15 million.
Major duties and responsibilities include: Project Management (50%), Technical Core Team Membership for Democracy and Governance Programs (35%), and Project Development (15%).
SUPERVISORY RELATIONSHIP: Under the direct supervision of the OEDG Director or his/her designee, the Specialist performs assigned duties independently where procedures and guidelines have been established. Completed assignments are reviewed for soundness, completeness, and conformity with policies and procedures. Supervision of other staff is not contemplated.
8. AREA OF CONSIDERATION: Open to all interested individuals who are Filipino citizens or non-Filipino citizens lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the Philippines, and who also have the required work permits. USAID/Philippines does not sponsor work permits.
9. POINT OF CONTACT: Human Resources Division via aidmnlhr@usaid.gov
a. Education – At a minimum, Bachelor’s degree in a field relevant to development assistance, such as public or business administration, sociology, political science, economics or law is required. Note: Additional education may NOT be substituted for Experience.
b. Prior Work Experience – At least seven years of progressively responsible, professional-level experience in project management
related work and data analysis in Democracy and Governance, including such fields as elections and political processes, civil
society, media and human rights, local government strengthening and decentralization and conflict mitigation and countering violent
extremism. At least three years’ experience of related work with USAID or any agency of the U.S. Government (USG), other donor
agencies, Philippine government organizations or relevant private sector or civil society/non-governmental institutions.
Note: Additional experience may NOT be substituted for Education.
c. Language Proficiency / Communication Skills – Must have excellent communication skills in English and Tagalog, both in oral and
written forms. With this level of communication skills, the Specialist is expected to: prepare regular and ad hoc reports, project
documentation, and briefing papers, develop and deliver professional quality reports and presentations, and possess the ability to
translate, on occasion, when the Specialist may need to act as an interpreter.
d. Job Knowledge – Must have comprehensive knowledge of:
1) concepts, principles, techniques, and practices of the assigned field of
2) the Philippines’ economic, political, social, and cultural characteristics and history of its development assistance;
3) the Philippines’ development prospects, priorities, resources in the assigned field of specialization, as well as operational
procedures. This position requires a thorough knowledge, or potential to acquire such knowledge, of USG legislation relating to
development assistance, foreign assistance programming and policies, program development, and program implementation
procedures and documentation.
e. Skills and Abilities – Ability to establish and maintain an extensive range of contacts with working-level officials of the Philippine
government, and with influential persons in civil society, the private sector, and among other key stakeholders is required.
Must have the ability to persuasively represent and defend the USAID development policies, and concerns to senior USAID officials as well as high level Philippine government officials. The ability to identify significant, economic, political, and social trends in the Philippines and assess their importance and impact on USAID development assistance objectives and programs is required.
Given the incumbent’s role working on highly sensitive political issues within the realm of democracy and governance, s/he must possess a highly developed political acumen and savvy adequate to engage counterparts substantively, but with tact and diplomacy.
Further, the Specialist must be able to 1) obtain, analyze, and evaluate a variety of data and to organize and present it in meaningful terms to others;
2) plan, organize, manage and evaluate important and complex projects;
3) draft and edit factual interpretive reports covering complex subject matters; and,
4) provide information and advice with objectivity. S/he must also possess a very high degree of maturity and flexibility, very strong interpersonal, teamwork and communication skills.
1. Education (5%)
2. Prior Work Experience (15%)
3. Language Proficiency / Communication Skills (20%)
4. Job Knowledge (25%)
5. Skills and Abilities (35%)
1. Interested applicants are required to submit an application letter and a comprehensive resume.
2. Applications must be received by 29 March 2019 / 11:59PM, and submitted via email to aidmnlhr@usaid.gov
3. All applicants are requested to prominently indicate the following:
a. solicitation number (Solicitation No.: USAID-2019-11) in the subject line of their email submission;
b. source of the vacancy announcement (e.g. name of newspaper, website, social media)
The compensation package includes mid-year and year-end bonuses, health and life insurance, and a supplementary retirement plan.