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Administrative Assistant

Facilitate arranging regular meetings of the JZ coordinating committee as requested by the Chair to monitor and analyze the overall case management status; Prepare minutes and follow up on decisions made in JZ Coordinating Committee meetings Support the development of Rules of Business of the JZ including clarification of the roles and responsibilities of the member representatives; Facilitate the analysis and mapping of the causes for case backlogs and other difficulties so that informed decisions can be made to resolve them and qualitative justice can be ensured; Assist the JZ Coordinating Committee in the development of annual work plans that include expected activities needed for the improvement of the administration of justice at the local level; Collect, analyze and consolidate relevant case management data to facilitate monitoring of progress and the identification of common problems which cause delay; Support the JZ Coordinating Committee to develop recommendations for policy and procedural reforms and submit recommendations to the Secretariat of the JSCC; Report on visits to detention facilities using checklists to identify priority cases and joint actions; Identify and report on measures to improve the present record management system on case data for all related agencies and the flow of case files; Assist and support training need Assessment at the local JZ level for criminal justice sector stakeholders and make recommendations to build capacity through the implementation of tailored capacity development initiatives; Provide input to set JZ targets and a monitoring plan; Function as a liaison between the JZ and the GOJUST Team to among other things ensure the completion of the documentary requirements for obtaining funding from GOJUST, and facilitate the work of GOJUST in meeting the required support of the JZ and the objectives of GOJUST, within approved budgets; and Perform such other tasks and responsibilities that the JZ Coordinating Committee and/or GOJUST Key Expert 1 may assign to him/her as the need would arise.