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Job Description



Operates with proficiency any one or a combination of the following equipment: bulldozer, grader and crash crane. Alternatively, must be proficient in operating any four of the equipment generally assigned to Heavy Equipment Operator 2/C. Troubleshoots and performs minor repair on equipment operated. Performs other duties as assigned.




  1. Receives from Dispatcher his work assignment including heavy equipment requisition slip, specific type of equipment to be operated and nature of work to be done and verbal instructions and work priorities if any.


  1. Prior to operation, performs established daily routing, preventive maintenance and safety check on equipment to ensure its overall operational performance and safety.


  1. Coordinates with the requisitioning Department’s foreman with regards to the nature and site of work to be done.


  1. Depending on assignments, performs any or a combination of the following, with the appropriate equipment:


  1. Clears ground of foliage in preparation for ground works.
  2. Cuts, strips, moves and distributes earth in preparation to level ground, open roadways and/or prepare ground for other earthworks.




Job Description of Heavy Equipment Driver

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  1. Cleans ground of light foliage; strips and distributes topsoil, sub-soil, gravel, earth and other loose foundation materials: grades and/or level: ground surface.


  1. Transports heavy and cumbersome in size equipment with the use of crash crane within a confined area.


  1. Troubleshoots and performs minor repair on equipment operated at the job site. As necessary, secures assistance from maintenance crew and actively participates in the conduct of repair works.


  1. Cleans and washes equipment operated before turning it in at the designated garage area; reports to Dispatcher any abnormalities observed on the equipment.


  1. Accomplishes equipment utilization from posting therein equipment operation time and idle time, and nature of work performed.






A.  Education/Knowledge                 :

Preferably High School Graduate

B.  Skills                                                :

Physically fit, capability to operate

Heavy equipment vehicles

C.  Work Experience                          :

At least 3 years of experience in the same related field and must be with Certificate of Training