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PMAP Industrial Relations Summit to offer practical workplace guide for businesses, people leaders

As the COVID-19 pandemic takes a huge toll on businesses and employment, we must all come together with all sectors of society to do our very best to sustain the economy and livelihood of every Filipino.

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The global pandemic is hitting year 2020 hard. Most workplaces had to either transition to a telework and virtual meetings set up or some had no alternative but to completely shut operations. It is unfortunate that the pandemic had displaced a lot of workers who were either laid off or had to choose to leave to prioritize their own wellbeing. Those who remain exerts
extraordinary effort to keep calmly working whilst ensuring their own safety.
Lives vs jobs: An unnecessary choice

With the decision made in the very early morning of Aug. 18 to revert to general community quarantine (GCQ) in Metro Manila, polarizing views on whether it’s the health of the citizen or the health of the economy that should be prioritized may well emerge again. Presented as a binary choice, and wrapped in understandable emotion, it presents a conundrum of considerable significance to policymakers. But need it be so?

Speed and scale can win the COVID-19 war

COVID-19 is not going away soon, this much we are told.

Companies are racing to come out with vaccines, but actual vaccination of the world to achieve herd immunity would be a challenge and cannot be done overnight.

 Rubbing salt on the wound

One too often gets the feeling, and I’ve occasionally written about it, that our so-called public servants in government can be such experts in constantly finding ways to make life more difficult for us Filipinos.