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Game Master and Game Supervisor

Job Description

Description: A game master / supervisor is a person who acts as an organizer, officiant for questions regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a multiplayer role-playing game. 

Responsibilities: - Assist in planning and facilitating gaming events. - Ensure player satisfaction by responding timely and accurately to player’s complaints and disputes. - Provide support to players on game related queries. - Conduct quality assurance assessment of game products to ensure product quality and service. - Perform investigation and documentation of game exploits, bugs and similar other issues pertaining to online gaming world. - Assist in creating, planning and implementing innovative games. - Meet & Greet and Ensure all players adhere to warm welcome, gaming rules and regulations. - Coordinate with teams to achieve milestones within deadlines. - Manage gaming operations and report game status to management on daily basis. - Analyze feedback and suggestions from players for continuous improvements of game. - Evaluate game process and procedures and recommend improvements. - Manage game promotions, messaging and gaming forums to attract more players. - Perform server testing and hack testing of gaming product. - Monitor disturbances and imbalances during games and provide corrective solutions. 


Requirements: - University background in (mechanical) engineering, performing arts or tourism with at least 3 years’ experience. - High performance on time management, organizational skills, planning, sales & marketing, presentation skills. - Must be near-native English speaker / writer. - High knowledge of local Palawan market.