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Psychosocial Support Officer

Job Description

The Psychosocial Support Officer is the focal point for formulating and ensuring the effective delivery of psychosocial support services to the benefit of the crisisaffected populations, especially those who are most vulnerable and/or need special assistance. Trains project staff, community volunteers, and others in basic psychosocial care and ensures that psychosocial first aid, counseling, and stress debriefing services are provided in accordance with established principles and standards, as/where deemed appropriate. Leads training efforts related to the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse, crisis intervention, and stress management. Ensures persons with disabilities and/or special needs are enabled to participate in all project activities and receives assistive devices to improve the quality of their lives. S/he will be responsible in monitoring and on-site coaching visits, will work closely with the Community Organizers and other members of the project teams. Reports to the Project Coordinator and regularly participates in the efforts of the pertinent clusters/sub-clusters as well as other relevant coordination bodies.


Licensed Social Worker, Psychologist or Mental Health professional with a master’s degree and at least five (5) years of experience in that field. Proficiency in the formulation and implementation of training designs as well as adult education is required. Excellent verbal and written proficiency in English is required, ideally complemented with fluency in Maranao, Maguindanaon, Visayan, and/or Cebuano dialects. Knowledgeable about Mindanao, the conflict-affected areas, and the socio/political dynamics. Proactive and rigorous approach to problem solving and professional responsibilities. Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as in a team. Proficient with personal computers and appropriate software.