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Logistics Assistants

Job Description

The Logistics Assistants shall be responsible for assessing and organizing logistics in terms of procurement of supplies and materials; transport requirements; receipt, handling, storage and distribution of relief items; as well as the establishment of proper asset warehousing and recording systems. Logistics Assistants are expected to carry out all responsibilities in a transparent and efficient manner, in accordance with established policies, procedures, and standards, in a timely manner. They must be able to work quickly and demonstrate an understanding of the links between goods/supplies and improving the quality of life of IDPs and other crisis-affected families.


A bachelor’s degree in a related field is preferred, but a minimum of three (3) years relevant experience in the procurement, safeguarding, distribution, and accounting for goods, supplies, and services in response to a humanitarian emergency is required. Demonstrated ability to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and work with limited supervision is required. At least good verbal and written proficiency in English is required, ideally complemented with proficiency in Maranao, Maguindanaon, Visayan, and/or Cebuano dialects. Proficient with personal computers and appropriate software. Excellent interpersonal skills. Demonstrated ability to work in a cross-cultural setting. Reporting to the Finance and Administration Officer, they must be willing to be trained in staff security and first aid, if not already qualified in these areas.