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Communication Assistant

Job Description

The Communication Assistant will provide information and communications support to the project team. In collaboration with the project team, s/he is expected to formulate effective communications strategies and tactics, making sure to ensure the voices of the envisaged project beneficiaries are heard.. S/he will be responsible for assisting team members with their reporting responsibilities and packaging information and communications products for CFSI. S/he shall maintain an updated calendar of activities and appointments; lead in the development of information, education and communication materials like project briefings, newsletters, and monograph. S/he is also tasked to support the mainstreaming of the CFSI Feedback and Complaints Mechanism


At least a bachelor’s degree and preferably a masters in communications or a related field. At least three (3) and preferably five (5) years of experience in information management for the humanitarian and development sector, including secondary data reviews, 3/4/5W reporting, gap analysis, interviewing, photography, and audio-visual production. Proficiency with Excel is required and desktop publishing preferred. Excellent verbal and written proficiency in English is required, ideally complemented with fluency in Maranao, Maguindanaon, Visayan and/or Cebuano dialects. Knowledgeable about Mindanao, the conflict-affected areas, and the socio/political dynamics. Proactive and rigorous approach to problem solving and professional responsibilities. Demonstrated ability to work independently as well as in a team. Proficient with personal computers and appropriate software.